A photograph

A photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film. Most photographs are created using a camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. When I think about a photograph, it means so much more. A photograph that had a powerful impact in my life was the picture of three firemen in the 9/11 attack. As much as it has impact me, it has impacted the entire nation. So people may see a photograph of that day and it might bring bad memories. To me these photographs mean strength to go on, courage to overcome any obstacles, and love for this nation. There were many photographs that inspired me to do better in life but there was just one that overcame the others. This photograph has made me realize how important life is, fight for what I believe in, and make every effort to live life to its fullest.
The 9/11 photograph defines the strength, courage, and unity this country had after such tragedy. It was known to be the worse catastrophe in our nation. From this incident, many people have changed the way they think and how to change for the better. Regardless of the casualties and hardship the United States was enduring, staying strong was our priority. And the firemen demonstrated that strength by raising the American Flag. This photograph makes me realize how important life is. My family is important to me and without my family; life would not be the same. There are so many beautiful things that life brings you such as experiences, laughter, joy. Without any new and exciting experiences, I would not know what I have been losing out in. We only live life once, so why not live it like it’s your last.
This photograph has demonstrated to fight for what you believe in. I believe in working hard to get what I want, to make my family proud, and give a better future to my child. I believe in having freedom and making my own decision….

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