About Infosys

Infosys has been a pioneer in innovative workforce practices and HR initiatives—be it in creating wealth for employees through wide distribution of stock option plans or in creating a enjoyable workplace with various amenities. Nandan Nilekani, President and Managing Director of Infosys, commented, “Attracting the best and the brightest and creating a milieu where they operate at their highest potential are very important for Infosys. Our campus and technology infrastructure is world-class, we pay a lot of attention to training and competency building, we try to have sophisticated appraisal systems, and we try to reward performance through variable pay”.
Recruitment: While recruiting new hires, Infosys takes into consideration so as to identify the right talents for the right jobs. And in this drive the company strictly focuses on hiring those individuals (talents) who have the capability of high degree of ‘learnability’. The qualities mostly sought by the company involve high levels of analytical ability, teamwork and leadership, communication and creative skills, along with a practical and structured orientation to problem solving.Infosys, the most sought-after company in India: Business Today Survey
Infosys is the best company to work for in India, according to a survey conducted by Business Today-Indicus-PeopleStrong in 2009.
Infosys was rated the leading choice of employees with an index score of 100 on parameters of career and growth plan, prestige/ company reputation, training/ coaching/ mentoring, financial compensation and benefits, job content, and merit-based performance evaluation.
The cover story of Business Today dated February 7, 2010 features a survey of a cross-section of students and employees. The magazine reports that Infosys is the most sought-after company at campus recruitment in engineering colleges due to a “meritocracy that embeds and values skills, which in turn, ensures Infoscions (as company staffers like to call themselves) a…

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