Borderline Personality Disorder

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Expect some of these character traits in the person with “Borderline Personality Disorder” (BPD), such as:
* Poor, or lack of, control over emotions.
* Sudden changes in mood.
* Poor follow-through. Frequently changing opinions and plans.
* Inability to maintain normal emotional relationships, throwing temper tantrums, arguing over insignificant events, fits of rage, at times “for no clear reason”.
* Or the opposite, called “flat affect”, often unable to feel or express anger.
* Fear of loneliness and isolation: yet, often at the same time, showing a tendency to avoid people, keeping them away.
* Fear of abandonment. Clinging and hyper-controlling with loved ones.
* Sometimes expressing suicidal ideation, gestures, behaviors or occurrences of self-mutilation.
* Tendency towards Narcissism (overly concerned with oneself).
* Tendency to turn the facts around (reversing cause and effect) and believe the turned facts to be true, e.g.: he pushed her down the stairs, but will later claim she pushed me down the stairs and claim to be convinced that is true.
* Has a difficult time having or showing much empathy for others.
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See some characteristics on the positive side:
* Can be highly creative.
* Have a quick wit and are sometimes considered the life of the party.
* Are often talented and particularly intelligent.
Causes of BPD
Understand the causes of BPD. Research indicates that both heredity and environmental factors may be involved in the onset of BPD.
* It may “run in the family”. One with affected siblings or an offspring of someone with BPD will be at a higher risk than the general population, however the reason for this is not clear; it has…

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