China-facing the 21st century

1. Logic Underlying the Chinese Development Strategy
Independent, prosperous, democratic, united, are the China’s social development themes of 20th century. Although Mao Zedong was the explorer and pioneer of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the early exploration, he proposed to “go its own way”, and had made a good start to explore. But he led the party and the people to carry out “great Leap Forward” and the decade “Cultural Revolution” civil made a series of major mistakes while filling the road of socialism construction in China into great difficulties. Doubts arose from the “Cultural Revolution” era of Mao Zedong , Deng Xiaoping as well as the representatives of Chinese Communist revolutionaries actively seeked new path of reform, and thus began to find the answers of “what is socialism and how to build socialism”.
After done the research to abroad in 1978, leaders of China learned the advanced technology and management methods from western developed country. Deng raised up his theories as the the logic underlying the Chinese development strategy. The theories include:
(1) Science and technology is the first productive force. “Who cares the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice” means no matter what methods we use, as long as we strengthen the first productive force. Science and technology need to be mastered by young generation. The education strategy China is carrying out right now is to give the best education to young generation, to guarantee a high well educational rate all over China.
(2) Collective prosperity. Parts of districts with good condition get developed first, while other relatively poor areas get developed later. To let the faster developed regions drive slower developed regions then to ultimately achieve common prosperity. Reflecting in the Chinese current situation, eastern coastal areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou develop first in economics then drive the resource-limited regions such as…

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