Drugs Essay Research Paper How do we

Drugs Essay, Research Paper

How do we specify a drug? Who makes a drug illegal and why do they do it illegal? Marijuana is considered a drug ; but why is it considered a drug? In this essay I hope to carry you that marijuana doesn & # 8217 ; t merit the label it has been given. I will utilize several different illustrations that will turn out to you that marijuana International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t every bit harmful as people portray it to be. This is a treatment that we have had in the yesteryear, when or civilization was seeking to turn out that intoxicant wasn & # 8217 ; t every bit bad as our authorities was seeking to portray it. Hopefully after reading this essay you will understand why people push for the legalisation of marihuana.

First illustration is our encephalons are flooded with the natural signifiers of the drug. The signifier of the drug I am speaking about is Cannabis, which is another signifier of marihuana. Cannabis or Marijuana has many advantages for wellness grounds: blocks pain, erases memories and triggers hunger. Some new surveies show that they besides regulate the immune system, assist reproduction and protect the encephalon from shot and trauma harm. Another scientific survey showed that marihuana had certain ingredients in it that could counter act sickness, another asset for patients with malignant neoplastic disease or AIDSs.

Marijuana has been portion of our society for every bit long as worlds can retrieve. Five thousand old ages ago Chinese doctors used the marihuana works to handle malaria absent mindedness, and female upsets. How can marijuana be illegal when the ( IOM ) Institute of Medicine declared that marijuana wasn & # 8217 ; t habit-forming and did non look to be a gateway drug? Bing a gateway drug has been the biggest knock on marihuana usage. Peoples say that if you use marihuanas, so you are more than probably to utilize cocaine or diacetylmorphine. Now this myth has been proven medically wrong.

My biggest statement for the legalisation of marihuana ; compares the affects of marihuana and affects of intoxicant when under the influence. When under the influence of intoxicant or marihuana we are non allowed to run a motor vehicle because of our inability to respond or do wise determinations. On the other manus there was a survey that was done that proves that people under the influence of marihuana where marginally less likely to hold an accident than those who are drug free. This studied was done by a pharmacological medicine squad from the University of Adelaide and Transport. The grounds in the survey says that people under the influence of marihuana thrust more cautious and drove more easy because of altered clip perceptual experience. Peoples under the influence of intoxicant were responsible for 90 per centum of the accidents recorded.

Another illustration of the effects of intoxicant compared to the effects of marihuana is the force that occurs when under the influence. When you drink alcohol your encephalon gets numb so you have no opinion what you are making. That & # 8217 ; s why a batch of battles occur when you drink because you react and don & # 8217 ; t believe of the effects. If there was a survey done on domestic force more than probably the survey would turn out that intoxicant was the cause. Anytime you attend an event were there are a batch

of people devouring intoxicant you are traveling to hold an affray. On the other manus marihuanas use doesn’t cause any aggressive behaviour. Alternatively of desiring to contend you will happen yourself in a more loving and friendly temper.

Peoples who have ne’er smoked marihuana likely ask the inquiry: why do people smoke pot? After researching this inquiry I have came up with this reply. It makes them experience good. Peoples who smoke pot say its like no other substance known to adult male. You might inquire why it is like no other substance known to adult male because: it causes no katzenjammers, it heightens the sense, it is non toxic or toxicant, and it is non habit-forming in any physical term. One of its best characteristics is the increased animal perceptual experience marihuana brings. It makes you cognizant of your organic structure and the workings of your head. It besides sharpens your sense of odor, of touch, of hearing, and of sight.

I have many suggestions on how marihuana should be dealt with. I believe marihuana is an issue of societal and wellness instruction, similar to alcohol and coffin nails. The current Torahs tend to outlaw 1000s of observant citizens and take up valuable constabulary work force that could be targeted at existent offenses such as slaying.

The ( DEA ) Drug Enforcement Agency was quoted in 1988 reacting to the harmful effects of marijuana & # 8220 ; In rigorous medical footings, marihuana is far safer than many nutrients we normally consume. Marijuana in its natural signifier is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. & # 8221 ; ( Legalize Marijuana ) Another quotation mark on the harmful effects of marihuana is from the Government & # 8217 ; s study by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and the Administrative Law Judge of the American Drug Enforcement Agency: & # 8220 ; There is deficient grounds to enable us to make any incontestible decisions as to the effects on the human organic structure of the us of marihuana, but much of the research undertaken so far has failed to show positive and important harmful effects in adult male attributable entirely to the usage of marijuana. & # 8221 ; ( Fight to Legalize Cannabis ) After hearing these two quotation marks covering with the harmful effects of marihuana ask yourself if it should still be illegal.

A batch of people say marijuana causes loss of short-run memory. There ne’er has been a studied that has proved that marijuana causes short-run memory loss. You can besides state acholol causes short-run memory loss, when sufficiency is consumed. I can besides utilize the statement that I have known people who have used marihuanas since the 1960ss and they are keeping down a six-figure occupation.

There are many people who think marihuanas is a atrocious habit-forming drug. I hope after reading this essay you have a better understanding about marihuana. Marijuana is a natural herb that makes you experience different when smoked. I feel if we where excessively legalize marihuanas so we would be making are society a favour. Anytime you can assist AIDSs or malignant neoplastic disease patients and besides assist out are economic system, it must be a positive substance. Society views drugs as bad and illegal because our authorities has given marijuana the label of a bad drug.


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