Perfect Day For A Bananafish JD Salinger

Perfect Day For A Bananafish, J.D. Salinger Essay, Research Paper

The images of war remain imbedded in an single & # 8217 ; s head, doing it hard for anyone who has faced the horrors of war to reassimilate themselves within society. Peoples who have ne’er faced the atrocious images lack the apprehension and compassion needed for a war veteran to restore themselves. The disaffection an single suffers from household and friends thrusts them farther into a universe of confusion, coercing them to take drastic actions to happen peace. The effects of war have the capacity to sabotage the belief system that a individual one time lived by, cuasing them to oppugn every facet of their life. J.D. Salinger articulately places the reader into the life of Seymour Glass at a clip when he is fighting to happen peace in his life after returning place from World War II, in the short narrative, & # 8220 ; A Perfect Day for Bananafish. & # 8221 ; Seymour & # 8217 ; s fight emanates from the psychological effects of the war, disaffection from society, deficiency of compassion and understanding from his equals, and the deficiency of artlessness he finds in the mercenary post-war society he returns place to.

Seymour Glass is a veteran of World War II, who is caught in a tangled emotional web. The horrors of the war have left him staggering from station traumatic emphasis upset. Once a strong, religious adult male who thrived on artlessness and tradionional Judaic values, Seymour returns to a materialistc post-war society that does non understand the emotional injury of a veteran. He finds himself in an emotional whirlwind of which he can non get away. The Holocaust defied every sense of ground that Seymour had, and he now inquiries his beliefs and values. He is confused by all of the atrocious experiences he faced in Germany, and is unable to reconnect with anything that he used to care for and happen comfort in.

Seymour is married to a typical Judaic American Princess named Muriel, who is more concerned with her ain mercenary demands than those of the adult male she married. He one time found her so simple and guiltless, yet she has become a shallow, self-involved adult female who wholly lacks understanding and compassion. Muriel and Seymour venture to Florida for a 2nd honeymoon upon his return from Germany. The post-war psychological effects Seymour suffers become evident during a telephone conversation between Muriel and her female parent. They discuss Seymour and his wonts with complete deficiency of apprehension or compassion for the province of confusion caused by the atrocious images and experiences of World War II. Muriel dismisses the uneven behaviour of her hubby and shows no concern for his inablility to reconnect with society. Seymour tried to make our to muriel while in Germany, by directing her a book of verse forms that he treasured. However, Muriel regards that verse forms are merely words on paper non worth her problem when she speaks with her female parent, stating, & # 8220 ; He said that the verse forms go on to be written by the lone great poet of the century. He said I should & # 8217 ; ve bought a interlingual rendition or something. Or learned the linguistic communication, if you please. & # 8221 ; She does non care that Seymour treasured these verse forms, and was emotionally sharing his experiences. Muriel & # 8217 ; s female parent has the same pretentious attitude as her girl as expressed when Muriel says, & # 8220 ; The people are atrocious this twelvemonth. You should see what sits following to utilize in the dining room. at the following tabular array. They look as if they drove down in a truck. & # 8221 ; Her female parent answers, & # 8220 ; Well, it & # 8217 ; s that manner all over. & # 8221 ; She refers to people around her as & # 8220 ; what & # 8221 ; , alternatively of & # 8220 ; who & # 8221 ; as if she is of high stature and the remainder of society are simple people non worthy of her. Muriel & # 8217 ; s parents are preoccupied with the psychological position of Seymour and express great concern for the safety of their girl. Seymour does non hold anyone he can turn to for support. Muriel is wholly nescient to th

vitamin E fact the Seymour is enduring from station traumatic emphasis upset. She is so caught up in her ain image of a perfect universe that she refuses to see the hurting that her hubby is enduring.

Seymour is a religious adult male, who delights in artlessness, as shown through his relaitonship with Sybil. He has been loath to take his robe in forepart of other people as he feels that they will see his interior convulsion, yet he removes it without vacillation to swim with Sybil. He shows contempt for Muriel when Sybil asks, & # 8220 ; Where & # 8217 ; s the lady? & # 8221 ; Seymour answers, & # 8220 ; That & # 8217 ; s difficult to state, Sybil. She may be in any one of a 1000 topographic points. At the hairstylist & # 8217 ; s holding her hair bleached mink. Or doing dolls for hapless kids, in her room. & # 8221 ; He doesn & # 8217 ; t want to return to his thoughs, and directs Sybil sway from the treatment. Seymour is fond of Sybil, yet he can non deny that she is destined to go a pretentious Judaic American Princess like Muriel. sybil has already exhibited this behaviour in her remarks about forcing Sharon Lipshutz off the piano bench. Seymour clearly expresses letdown in Sybil and shows his grasp for artlessness when he says, & # 8220 ; What I like peculiarly about her is that she ne’er does anything intend to small Canis familiariss in the anteroom of the hotel. That small toy bull that belongs to that lady from Canada, for case. You likely won ; t velieve this, but some small misss like to jab that small Canis familiaris with balloon sticks. Sharon doesn & # 8217 ; t. She & # 8217 ; s ne’er intend or unkind. That & # 8217 ; s why I like her so much. & # 8221 ;

The bananafish seem to be an analogy to Seymour. He describes them as, & # 8220 ; They lead a really tragic life. Well, they swim into a hole where there & # 8217 ; s a batch of bananas. They & # 8217 ; re really ordinary-looking fish when they swim in. But one time they get in, they behave like hogs. Why, I & # 8217 ; ve cognize some bananafish to swim into a banana hole and eat every bit many as severty-eight bananas. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; Naturally, after that they & # 8217 ; re so fat they can & # 8217 ; t acquire out of the hole once more. Can & # 8217 ; t fit through the door. & # 8221 ; Then he replies to Sybil & # 8217 ; s inquiry of the bananafish & # 8217 ; s destiny by stating, & # 8220 ; Well, I hate to state you, Sybil. They die. & # 8221 ; This treatment is Seymour depicting himself and the effects of the war. He went to war as an ordinary adult male, so he engorged on so much decease, devastation, and horror during the war that he is unable to get away his emotions. He is unable to go forth behind all of the memories and return to life, as he know it before go forthing. He kisses Sybil & # 8217 ; s pes in complete worship in an act of closing. He has delighted in her naif artlessness, but knows that he is like that bananafish and unable to come out of his hole of emotional desperation. He shows his feelings transparence to other grownups when he yells at the lady in the lift about looking at his pess. His pess appear to be normal, yet they have taken him on a journey that has corrupted his very being and left him unable to turn back the custodies of clip.

In decision, Seymour has struggled with being a bananafish who has engorged on excessively many horrors in his life to go on life. The effects of the war, disaffection from society, deficiency of compassion and understanding from his equals, and the deficiency of artlessness he found in the mercenary post-war society has left him in a hole he can non acquire out of. To hold started a matrimony to a simple, guiltless adult female at this location in Florida and now to stop the matrimony with a shoal, self-involved adult female by perpetrating self-destruction at the same location is important in that he has come full circle. His life started at the hotel with hopes and dreams, and now ends at the hotel with emotional convulsion and hurting. he clearly commits self-destruction in the room with Muriel as a message to her that her shoal, pretentious attitude will non salvage her from society. Seymour has struggled with his life in a indurate society, now Muriel will fight with his decease.

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