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Problems With Immigration Essay, Research Paper


The English word migration derives from the Latin verb migrave, intending to travel from one topographic point to another. Migration besides means a impermanent or lasting alteration of abode by one or a group of people. ( pp. 605 Webster Dictionary ) As far back as people can retrieve there has been a go oning motion of people from one topographic point to another. These people all had different grounds for these migrations. Whether it be from poorness, dearth, political persecution, spiritual grounds, or merely for a opportunity at a better life. Sometimes these grounds will take to interrupting the jurisprudence known as legal in-migration. These Numberss of illegal in-migration have easy been lifting throughout this century. ( Lee M. Sharon Global Trends In Migration: Theory and Research on International Movements pp. 304-310 )


It has been proven that when of all time a state becomes industrialized it attracts huge measures of workers dramatically impacting in-migration. Immigrants have besides contributed many different civilizations to societies around the universe. In the United States official count of in-migration began in,1820. The Numberss of immigrants in the United States in 1830 numbered more than twenty 1000. Immigration besides increased from 60 thousand a twelvemonth between 1831-1840 to two hundred 60s thousand immigrants in 1851-1860. Immigration is sometimes encouraged by states such as after the American civil war, when the labour pools had been depleted from the casualties suffered during the war. After universe war two many states faced terrible labour deficits many of them encouraged the out-migration of foreign guest workers. ( Muller, Thomas. Immigrants and The American Cities pp. 20-50 )

Between the Russian revolution of 1917, and 1921 about 15 million Russians fled their fatherland for finishs in Europe and the United Sates. In 1920 and 1950 & # 8217 ; s dissenters and several thousand Soviet Jews were allowed to go forth largely to Israel, and United provinces. Besides in 1989 an estimated 40 eight thousand Soviet Russian Jews came to the United States. Australia like the united provinces is a state of immigrants. But yet their population in the 20th century was mostly from British descent holding been a settlement from England. ( Richmond H. Anthony Immigration and Ethnicity. pp. 105-115 )

Between 1925 and 1945 about twenty million Chinese migrated to Manchuria and Mongolia after the Communist triumph in 1949. About two million Chinese went to Hong Kong, and Twaiwan. In the late 1970 & # 8217 ; s this form of out migration as the Chinese left war lacerate Indochina to return to their fatherland. By 1978 Indochina refugees we & # 8217 ; re geting in big Numberss of the more than eight hundred 1000 individuals who entered the United provinces in 1980 more than one hundred and 50 1000 we & # 8217 ; re refugees. Indo Chinese, and some one hundred 20 five 1000 Cubans were seeking political refuge. From 1981 & # 8211 ; 1989 about 2.5 million people emigrated from Asia and were granted legal lasting abode in the United States. By 1990 the Asiatic population had increased by one hundred eight per centum from its degree a decennary before. About 5 million immigrants chiefly from Europe entered Canada in the ninetieth, and 20th century. During same period of clip 1000s of Gallic Canadians immigrated to the United States in hunt of better economic chances. After universe war two Canada & # 8217 ; s in-migration greatly increased due to Canada & # 8217 ; s singular station war economic growing. From 1950 & # 8211 ; 1959 more than 1.5 million people entered the state. A record was set in 1954 with two hundred 80s two thousand one hundred 60 four reachings. About one one-fourth of all European refugees settled in Canada after universe war two. In the 1970 & # 8217 ; s United States had the biggest Numberss of incoming illegal immigrants since the entire figure illegal foreigners succeeded that of the legal foreigners. ( Sowell Thomas. Migrations and Cultures. pp. 25-40 )

The first epoch of in-migration ended shortly after universe war one when some of the first Torahs against in-migration such as the passing of a Quota Act in 1921 by Congress. It limited European states to three per centum of the nationality it had in the U.S. in 1910. In 1924 the authorities lowered the quota to two per centum. In 1882 the Chinese exclusion act was passed seting limitations on Chinese in-migration. But the Chinese exclusion act was revoked in 1943. Amendments in 1965 abolished quotas by states, and so setup restrictions by hemispheres. The in-migration act of 1990 brought about the most sweeping alterations since 1924 many of these we & # 8217 ; rheniums focused on rectifying instabilities of old policies. From 1992-1994 the entire figure of immigrants allowed each twelvemonth rose up to two hundred thousand four hundred 60 five thousand more of whom where relations of American citizens or lasting occupant foreigners so these Numberss would drop down to six hundred 70 five 1000 in 1995. ( Muller, Thomas. Immigrants and The American Cities pp. 75-78,91-95 )

Today illegal in-migration is presently going a universe broad subject. Politicians argument on what to make refering illegal immigrants. Such as how much money should they pass on preventative steps. In Mexico the Bracero plan was terminated because Americans that it limited their chances. This plan ran from 1942-1964 and found portion clip occupations for four million Mexicans. Making a monolithic rush of illegal Mexicans in the 1970 & # 8217 ; s. Debating whether or non to even let any type of in-migration. . In 1991-1994 30 thousand illegal Irish foreigners were granted lasting residence. Cardinal American refugees we & # 8217 ; rhenium granted 18 month safe oasis. In 1991-1994 40 per centum of lottery visas we & # 8217 ; rhenium set aside for Irish Immigrants. No affair what politicians decide they will likely ne’er halt this flow of in-migration.

& # 8220 ; Migration is comparable to a flow reacting to force per unit area derived functions at opposite terminals of a pipeline. & # 8221 ;

( Babour, Williams. Illegal Immigration pp. 30-35, 42-43, 51-54 )


Illegal in-migration became a turning job in the United provinces in the early 1970 & # 8217 ; s. It is estimated that one half million people entered the state illicitly in the 1980 & # 8217 ; s. Joining the two million immigrants or more already at that place. In 1986 after much argument the in-migration reform and control act was passed, and signed into jurisprudence. This act said that anybody found guilty of engaging an illegal immigrant would hold gaol mulcts to pay and possible gaol term. Because of possible gaol footings of people who hired illegal immigrants By 1990 there was a widespread form of cultural favoritism by employers afraid of go againsting the jurisprudence accidentally. Changes in in-migration Torahs affected other groups as good in 1990 many Soviet Jews who lacked relation in the United States were negligible for relocation at that place and migrated alternatively to Israel. ( Babour, Williams. Illegal Immigration pp. 100-104 )

Large financess of money are spent on jurisprudence enforcement to forestall boundary line hopping. The boundary line between Mexico and the United States stretches for one thousand nine hundred 50 stat mis from near Braunsville, Texas In the E to Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego California on the West. I is the longest boundary line in the universe dividing desperate poorness from parallel richness, and chance. Because Mexico has ne’er been able to develop a working and comfortable economic system for all its citizens the enticement of the North has been powerful. From 1960-1975 largest beginning of illegal immigrants was Mexico followed by Cuba, the Philippines, Italy, and Taiwan. Estimates are extremely inaccurate and vary drastically but it is believed that some where between four to eight million Mexicans relocated to the united provinces between 1970 and 1985. An increasing figure of extremely qualified technicians and professionals have found their manner north ward doing a encephalon drain for Mexico. The landscape besides helps influences immigrants. Florida is a natural finish for Cubans been hardly 90 stat mis apart. Very big Numberss of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans enters the state to get away poorness. ( Richmond H. Anthony Immigration and Ethnicity. pp. 63-65, 200-210 )

Large companies will frequently engage illegal immigrants because they do non hold to pay them minimal rewards therefore maintaining the monetary values down. Many people will reason whether or non illegal in-migration is good to the United States. they may take down monetary values by working for large companies those occupations they are taking may do many to lose their occupations or be replaced by illegal immigrants. Their is even an under land black market where concern work forces will transport Asiatic or Hispanics, and coerce them to work in sweat stores or other manually extended occupations for barely any rewards. Sometime it will be old ages before they can pay off their debts and some merely stay after their debts has been paid because there is nowhere else for them to travel. Some Americans believe they should let a certain figure of illegal immigrants to go through threw the boundary line since they Americans that immigrants are a critical beginning of income to husbandmans or as factory workers. Some husbandmans besides greatly depend on immigrants holding small money to save they frequently are seeking a beginning of inexpensive labour. This labour frequently refers to menial occupations such as picking strawberries, grapes, onions, or picking stones out of Fieldss. ( Perez, Tianguis Ramon. Diary of undocumented Immigrants. pp 104-106, 180-184 )

Immigration both legal and illegal have important effects in the south West. It created what one writer called a & # 8220 ; 3rd state & # 8221 ; in which features of both Mexico and the United provinces are blended. This 3rd state increases the usage of the Spanish linguistic communication. It besides has aid resuscitate the Mexican civilization in the West. This blending has caused some public call. Because both illegal an legal migration merely a little per centum of the immigrants speak English. Because of this, people are get downing to segregate. Such as in private owned bars for Spanish their ain newspapers their ain wireless, and telecasting station in fact going a 3rd state. Some of the populace would wish to go through Torahs coercing immigrants to larn English. But these come in struggle with freedom of address. ( unknown & # 8221 ; Immigration Just The Facts & # 8221 ; The New York Times March 25, 1996 p. A19 )

The presence of illegal foreigners besides put a fiscal strain on the public services offered by the provinces. The United supreme tribunal ruled in 1982 T

hat provinces are required to pay for educating the kids of illegal foreigners. This determination became really unpopular with societal services group holding to set their financess for the kids of illegal immigrants. Many societal services are available to illegal foreigners at province and local degree. Many Americans are acquiring angry at the authorities in how they use their revenue enhancements to assist immigrants. Welfare was a large job until recently on how a pregnant Mexican adult females would merely hold to traverse the boundary line so on the United province side of the boundary line, and travel into labour. Law enforcement officers would at that place for have to take her to the nearest infirmary where she would give birth. The revenue enhancement remunerators would at that place forward have to pay for the measure. The babe would so be born a United States citizen. The female parent would so be eligible for public assistance. If she decides she can ever hold another babe which the taxpayers would pay for. She would now be having more public assistance for a 2nd kid and this would maintain on traveling, New Welfare Reforms have aid extinguish some of these jobs. ( unknown” Immigration Just The Facts” The New York Times March 25, 1996 p. A19 )

In the mid 1980 & # 8217 ; s about half the Mexican working population was either unemployed or under employed. This status provided an even greater ground to travel north ward. The deficiency of stable authorities, and balanced currency contributes greatly to the flow of immigrants coming to the United States. The Mexican communities in the United Sates is continually augmenting make to both legal and illegal in-migration. There were in 1990 an estimated two million illegal foreigners in the United States, and about 55 per centum of which were Mexicans. The south western United States has the biggest job refering in-migration. Harmonizing to a study in 1980 found out that 30 nine per centum of the dress occupations we & # 8217 ; re held by illegal immigrants, 30 seven per centum in leather pes wear, and 30 six per centum in transcribed nutrients. No mater where you go around the universe, their will ever be people flying for their lives or for their public assistance. ( Lee M. Sharon Global Trends In Migration: Theory and Research on International Movements pp. 102-110 )

Immigrants are frequently put on the lining their lives in seeking to traverse the boundary line by utilizing all kinds of gambits. There were 15 immigrants who died in an effort to traverse the boundary line. The immigrants all hid inside a large gasolene armored combat vehicle on a gasoline truck. It ne’er occurred to them that the metal container would hold heated, and suffocated them. Many Mexicans and Cubans have drowned seeking to swim to Florida. Some have crash threw the boundary lines with autos destructing private belongings wounding some in even killing some. ( writer unknown New York times Nov. 24, 1997 p. 17 )

Another job to illegal in-migration is that when immigrants sneak across the boundary line they will frequently be transporting narcotics with them. Mexicans played cardinal functions in conveying drugs to Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Because of this the authorities has had to set excess support into choppers for parols. The seashore guard is besides increasing its patrols in the gulf of Mexico. The seashore guard in the gulf does non merely have to worry about runners about besides all the refugees from Cuba and until late besides Haiti. Smugglers will frequently catch the first immigrant who wants to traverse the boundary line. These runners will assure them a free drive the boundary line if they will make something for them. If agreed on the favour the runner will learn the immigrant a narrative which he can there for usage in bespeaking for refuge. Once on the other side of the boundary line the immigrant will present the runners narcotics. Dillan Sam. & # 8221 ; Illegal Immigrants Warned to Stay South & # 8221 ; The Wall Street Record. Jan. 7, 1997, p.3 ( N ) )

New United States surveies show that after two old ages a big bulk of immigrants will happen themselves back into their native state. Many immigrants have said that one time they found themselves in the United States they we & # 8217 ; re met by favoritisms and racism. Once employers find out that their employees are illegal foreigners the foreigners are frequently taken advantage of. Sometimes their rewards are so low and on the job conditions so bad that they merely choice and leave towards place. ( Rose Fredericks Wall Street Records, Jan. , 29, 1997 p.2 )

Illegal in-migration besides has led to a new type of concern smuggling. This Type of smuggling does non needfully intend the smuggling of objects of narcotics. This type of smuggling concerns people. These people will sell bogus passports, and agencies of transit. This might be good to go forth the state but their are times when the immigrants want to come back and see their loved 1s they left buttocks. A adult females named Ligi said she paid 30 thousand dollars for a runner to acquire her to New York. Missing her newborn boy that she left buttocks, she arranges to travel see a runner known as Shellflower. She so pays the runner two thousand dollars for a passport labeled replacing. When she arrived back in China and governments check on her passport they found that the replacing passport was non replacing anything. She was so detained and put in prison. This has been a reoccurring scene at the Chinese, and Mexican passport cheques. This has caused such a job that the Chinese authorities has started to put adds in newspapers inquiring for wagess on these runners. ( Lii H. Jane, The New York Times, Many immigrants buy faked passports July, 6 1994 p.A12 )

. American citizens do non appreciate illegal immigrants for the chief ground that they are interrupting the jurisprudence by coming here. Most immigrants are hardworking but that is no alibi for interrupting the jurisprudence. Peoples besides complain that these illegal immigrants are adding to the overcrowding of states. Americans feel that every illegal immigrant captured should be thrown in gaol fined and deported. ( Unknown & # 8220 ; Illegal Immigrants Add to Population Peril & # 8221 ; The New York Times June 19, 1996, p. A14 )

Possible Solutions

The United States likes to take pride on the fact that we have one of the best economic system, that we & # 8217 ; re the most technologically superior, and most powerful, but this is an country where we can detect other states. Even tough the United provinces have passed several Torahs on in-migration they still have a manner to travel. Canada late passed new Torahs which allowed their functionaries to deny political amnesty for 80 five thousand foreign subjects already in Canada claiming political refuge. Another manner the united provinces has tried to halt this migration is naturalization. Naturalization is a formal and legal procedure by which persons who are born in one state become citizens of another. Not event state in the universe allows this foreigners to get citizenship. The ground for this are normally because of over population or economic under development. ( Sowell Thomas. Migrations and Cultures. pp. 5-12 )

One of the ways to deter immigrants would be to increase the punishments. The Mexican authorities and the United States authorities have non been seeing oculus to oculus on illegal in-migration policies. Their would besides be the catching of illegal foreigners by Texas Rangers policing the boundary line. Their could besides be gesture sensors placed around the Mexican United provinces boundary line. Stricter Torahs can be passed refering unskilled workers. Another manner to deter illegal in-migration could be some sort of humiliation. ( Unknown & # 8220 ; Illegal Immigrants Add to Population Peril & # 8221 ; The New York Times June 19, 1996, p. A14 )

A manner to diminish the sum of in-migration would be to give people no ground to go forth in the first topographic point. The United States, and other states who are enduring from an consumption of immigrants should acquire affect in what of all time state the immigrants are coming from. By this the state should pump money and resources in the debatable state. The state should besides acquire involved politically by back uping campaigner who support human-centered issue. Their can besides be an embargo topographic point on the state to assist actuate them into repairing the job. Punishments should be raised and to the full explained to immigrants seeking to illicitly traverse into another state. ( Ricmond H. Anthony Immigration and Ethnicity. pp. 141-147 )

Other solutions would necessitate the authorities to acquire straight involved. Mexico could restore the Bracero plan. This plan found impermanent occupations for four million Mexicans. If this plan could be reactivated a big beginning of immigrants of immigrants would come back if they could acquire the same conditions home that they get here. ( Sowell Thomas. Migrations and Cultures. pp. 191-193 )

My Solution

Another manner to cover with immigrants would be collaborating, or coercing with the adjacent state doing the in-migration flood. The state should be responsible for its citizen if making a bad occupation of commanding its population. All the misdemeanors of miss commanding the population can be evaluated by a impersonal state. This impersonal state would be decided by both states involved. This rating would be paid for by both states.


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