The Glass Menagerie Scene 7 Summary Essay

The Glass Menagerie ( Scene 7 ) Summary Essay, Research Paper

Scene 7:


Half an hr subsequently, as dinner is completing up, the visible radiations go out. Tom feigns ignorance of the cause. Amanda, unfazed, continues to be every bit charming as she can be. She lights tapers and asks Jim to look into the fuse box. After Jim tells her that the fuse box looks all right, Amanda suggests that he travel spend clip with Laura in the life room.

As Amanda and Tom do dishes in the kitchen, Laura warms up to Jim, who is capturing plenty to set her easiness. She reminds him that they knew each other in high school, and that he used to name her & # 8220 ; Blue Roses. & # 8221 ; Jim feels ashamed that he did non acknowledge her at one time. They reminisce about the category they had together, a singing category to which Laura, because of her leg, was ever tardily. She ever felt that the brace on her leg made a clip-clop sound & # 8220 ; like boom, & # 8221 ; but Jim insists that he ne’er noticed it.

They have a friendly conversation by candle flame. Jim reveals that he was ne’er engaged, and that his old girlfriend was the 1 who put the proclamation in the yearbook. They no longer see each other. Laura speaks laudably of Jim & # 8217 ; s voice, and he autographs the plan of the show he was in, The Plagiarists of Penzance & # 8249 ; she was excessively diffident to convey the plan to him back in high school, but she has kept it all these old ages. Jim tries to give Laura advice about raising the degree of her self-esteem, and negotiations about his programs to acquire involved with the nascent telecasting industry. He speaks of the legion classs he is taking, and his involvement in assorted, programmatic methods for self-reformation. He calls money and power the rhythm on which democracy is built.

She shows Jim her glass aggregation. They look closely at a small glass unicorn, noting on how the unicorn must experience uneven due to its singularity. They put the unicorn down on a different tabular array, for & # 8220 ; a alteration of scenery. & # 8221 ;

Laura shyly admires Jim, while Jim grows progressively coquettish. When he hears the music of the Paradise Dance Hall, he asks her to dance with him. He tries to assist her with her uneasiness, and the two of them are get downing to hold a fantastic clip, but they jostle the tabular array and knock over the unicorn. The horn interruptions off. Jim apologizes but Laura tells him non to worry. She can feign the unicorn had an operation to do it experience less capricious.

Jim speaks admiringly of Laura & # 8217 ; s character, and so he begins to praise her expressions. He tells her that she is reasonably. Laura is beside herself with diffident felicity from this congratulations. Then, all of a sudden Jim kisses her.

Immediately, he seems to repent the buss. Awkwardly, he admits to Laura that he is engaged. Laura & # 8217 ; s face shows a expression of awful devastation. She gives him the broken unicorn as a keepsake. Then she goes to the Victrola and winds it up.

Amanda hastes in, merely to hear Jim & # 8217 ; s proclamation that he has to go forth. When Amanda tells Jim that he should come once more, he tells her about his programs to get married his current girlfriend. He besides mentions that no 1 at the warehouse knows about the battle.

After Jim leaves, Amanda, ferocious, calls in Tom. She accuses Tom of playing a practical gag on them, by deliberately conveying in another adult female & # 8217 ; s fianc? to dishonor them. She is visibly shaken ; the eventide has been expensive for the Wingfields, and her dreams for her girl have been shattered. Angered by her accusals and non willing to set up with her folly, Tom tells her that he is traveling to the films. She accuses him of selfishness, and says that he ne’er thinks of them, & # 8220 ; a female parent deserted, an single sister who & # 8217 ; s crippled and has no job. & # 8221 ; Infuriated, Tom leaves.

Tom, as storyteller, so addresses the audience from the fire flight, stating us that shortly after that dark he went down the fire flight one last clip and left St. Louis everlastingly. As he gives this concluding address, Amanda and Laura are seeable through a crystalline 4th wall that drops down into topographic point in forepart of them. This shutting address is one of the most celebrated minutes in all of Williams & # 8217 ; work, and so one of the most persistent and beautiful minutes in all of American theater. He talks about clip being the & # 8220 ; longest distance between two topographic points, & # 8221 ; and his long hunt to happen something that he himself seems unable to call. He tells the audience that for all of the old ages since he left, he has been pursued by the memory of Laura. Though he tried to go forth his household behind, his memory of his m

other and sister continues to stalk him. He finishes by beging his memory of Laura to blow out her tapers, “for nowadays the universe is lit by lightning.” He says adieu, although in the book it is ill-defined whether he is offering adieu to the audience or to his sister. Behind him, seeable through the transparent wall, Amanda comforts Laura mutely throughout Tom’s address. When Tom has finished speech production, Laura blows the tapers out, stoping the drama.


Although a great trade depends on the histrion & # 8217 ; s reading, Jim & # 8217 ; s enthusiasm is selfish and airheaded. He unashamedly leads Laura on, non maliciously but besides without any careful consideration. He enjoys her company because, like Tom, Laura remembers his glorification yearss. His addresss praising self-improvement and dark categories are diagnostic of the most sterile and bland reading of the American dream & # 8249 ; climaxing in his dismaying congratulations of the lecherousness for money and power as the rhythm on which democracy is built. As Tom said in the gap of the drama, Jim is more a portion of the existent universe than anyone in the Wingfield household. He is to the full a animal of the universe and worldly chases. He knows what no 1 else does & # 8249 ; that he is engaged & # 8249 ; and he still gives Laura the buss that raises her hopes before he tells her the truth.

Their different memories of school demo how self-aware Laura is. The sound of her brace mortified her dorsum in high school, but Jim can non retrieve it at all. Jim tries to convert Laura that she is worthwhile and alone. A more gracious reading of his character would reason that portion of his motive is a desire for Laura to see how beautiful she is.

The glass unicorn becomes a symbol for Laura. She, like the unicorn, is uneven and alone. Both Laura and the unicorn are delicate: Jim & # 8220 ; breaks & # 8221 ; both of them. Laura & # 8217 ; s gift of the broken unicorn shows the extent of her fondness for him. For Jim, the eventide has been undistinguished. But Laura has harbored a girlish crush on him for many old ages & # 8249 ; she even saved the plan of the drama in which he starred & # 8249 ; and the gift of the unicorn, an point that is a symbol of herself, shows how much she still likes him. It is the gift of an uneven and distressingly diffident miss, for whom snoging Jim ( likely her first buss ) was a climactic experience. For a brief minute, the Wingfield flat was a topographic point of dreams. Amanda experienced a return to her maidenhood, Laura was able to demo person her glass menagerie, and the topographic point was full of the music from Paradise Dance Hall. But the unicorn is broken, the music of & # 8220 ; Paradise & # 8221 ; gives manner to the sad sounds of the Victrola, and even Amanda is left without defences against world. For the first clip, she refers to Laura as & # 8220 ; crippled, & # 8221 ; interrupting her ain regulation, and she seems to admit that Tom will shortly go forth them.

This scene has its portion of rose imagination. The new floor lamp has a rosy shadiness ; Laura herself is & # 8220 ; Blue Roses. & # 8221 ; The rosy visible radiation makes Laura look beautiful ; she is bathed in rosy visible radiation, she is & # 8220 ; Blue Roses, & # 8221 ; and she is besides, in many ways, the alternate for Williams & # 8217 ; sister & # 8249 ; whose name was Rose. Williams uses the rose as a motive for Laura to stress her delicateness and her beauty, every bit good as her worth. The antic bluish colour of the flower shows, nevertheless, that Laura is non a being of this universe. Laura & # 8217 ; s association with a taper in the concluding minute stands in crisp contrast to a universe & # 8220 ; lit by lightning. & # 8221 ; The image of illuming suggests a hostile and overpowering universe, and in the last scene a storm is brewing outside. Particularly as a lone figure juxtaposed to the convulsion of the mid-fortiess and the war to come, Laura seems hopelessly frail and vulnerable.

Tom & # 8217 ; s shutting address is a great minute. The falling 4th wall puts a powerful but permeable barrier between Tom and his household. They are behind him, behind him in clip and in the physical infinite of the phase, and they are unhearable. Yet he can non look to agitate the memory of them, and they are clearly seeable to the audience. Although he has ne’er explicitly spoken of one of the drama & # 8217 ; s most of import subjects & # 8249 ; the struggle between duty and the demand to populate his ain life & # 8249 ; it is clear that he has non been able to to the full agitate the guilt from the determination that he made. The cost of flight has been the load of memory. For Tom and the audience, it is hard to bury the concluding image of frail Laura, illuminated by candle flame on a darkened phase, while the universe outside of the flat faces the beginnings of a great storm.

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